Man loses his beloved dog and dies heartbroken!

Ken was an 80-year-old man known for being very reserved. He did not relate much to his neighbors. In fact, the neighbors claim that they barely knew him and only saw him walking his little dog, named Zack…

Ken lived in a community in Hemet, California, and seemed to be a loner, plus the obvious bond he seemed to have with his little dog! “I had seen Ken with Zack a couple of times. He’s very quiet. Doesn’t say anything. Just kind of wave and we went on,” said Carol Burt, one of the neighbors.

However, about two weeks ago, something terrible happened. It all started with a frantic rapping on Burt’s door. It was a neighbor saying Burt needed to visit Ken and Zack, because there was an emergency!

Burt went home as fast as he could and the 16-year-old dog was very ill… “Ken was in tears… He said, ‘I don’t know what to do. I have no money to take him to a vet .'”

It was then that Burt decided to make a social media post, asking for help… About an hour later, Elaine Seamans, founder of the At-Choo Foundation, got in touch with the woman!

Elaine recommended that they go immediately to the vet and ensured that she would cover all medical expenses. Unfortunately, when they arrived at the hospital, they soon realized they were not going home with Zack. “We lost him that night …He had so many, many issues going on with him,” Burt said. That night, Ken lost a part of himself. He wept and held for the last time his beloved Zack.

“They were together alone…These two had not had any other companionship except each other for 16 years,” Burt added. During the emotional farewell, Burt took a picture, which moved thousands of people. This image touched everyone who saw it… The sad moment when a man had to say goodbye to the love of his life!

Ken received countless letters and support from around the world. An artist even offered to paint the picture and a teacher had a whole class writing letters of encouragement. “He was so overwhelmed by people sending cards who didn’t know him. He was crying for the loss of his dog and also crying because so many people cared who he didn’t know and would never know.”

Unfortunately, the worst was yet to come.

Ken could not bear his loss and eventually suffered a heart attack. Many even claim that he died of a “broken heart”! Let’s hope Zack and Ken are together on the other side of the rainbow. Rest in peace, Ken and Zack!

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Source: Doggies


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