Heartbroken dog tries to dig up dead owner

Dogs are one of the most sensitive and faithful animals that can exist. Despite what some fools have been responsible for spreading to refute it, animals have given us ample evidence that they are emotional beings who feel and suffer as much or more than humans.

What happened in a village in China in Shaanx province was deeply moved after they shared the video of a devastated dog following the death of its beloved owner.

Wu died after a long agony leaving his dog Huzi desolate.

The hairy was 12 years old, so he spent his whole life with Wu.

Definitely no one prepared him for the idea of a life without its owner, whom he followed everywhere. Even in his last moments of illness, it was Huzi who did not leave his side, watching and caring for him.

Of course, Huzi’s sadness became indescribable, to the point that he decided to stop eating and drinking for three days and three nights. It was as if he expected to be burial-worthy so he could feel a little more peace. And so it was.

A video shows when Huzi is near Wu’s body, resisting going out. He couldn’t say goodbye!

Mr. Wu’s daughter reported that Huzi accompanied the family during the funeral until he was buried.

Once they left him underground, the grieving dog began to cry and even tried to dig him up by digging into the ground, as if making one last desperate attempt to bring him back to life.

“When I saw Huzi, I felt that my father’s soul was still there,” said Wu’s daughter.

This is Huzi’s exciting video that touched thousands of people

它都懂! #老人去世忠犬3天3夜不吃不喝 趴墳前不願離開

【它都懂! #老人去世忠犬3天3夜不吃不喝 趴墳前不願離開】陝西富平縣,武大爺因病去世。家人上墳時,12歲的狗狗虎子趴在墳前,遲遲不願離開。老人女兒說,父親去世後,虎子3天3夜不吃不喝,直到父親下葬後才開始吃喝。看到虎子就感覺父親的靈魂還在,很親切。

Posted by 人民日報 on Tuesday, November 26, 2019

“Animals are such sensitive and spiritual beings. This is very exciting,” wrote one person. “They are the only ones who know gratitude, fidelity,” said another. “This dog knows that his owner will always be his father, even though he is an old man, he loved and cared for him until the end, as currently does not happen with children. They should learn!” Said another network user.

“Don’t be afraid, furry, that your owner is waiting for you on the other side and one day they will see each other,” said another Internet user.

This sad story leaves us a great life lesson.

If you were thrilled to see the amazing behavior of this puppy who only knows loyalty and unconditional love, feel free to share it with all your friends.

We need to value our pets more and fill them with love, the day will come when we will no longer be there and they deserve to have an owner that fits their hearts.

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