Heartbreaking photos show koala mourning dead friend

A heart-wrenching image has captured the moment a koala discovered his friend dead in the river before burying his head in his fur.

The image was taken on Kangaroo Island, south of Adelaide, and shows a dead koala lying dead in the shallows of the water. 

In the picture, another marsupial can be seen with his head pressed into his fur.

The charred forest floor on Kangaroo Island is littered with corpses of animals incinerated by the blazes that swept through two weeks ago.  

The surviving koala was rescued by wildlife carers from the Humane Society’s Animal Rescue team as the picture was taken. 

Humane Society International sent a team to the island to help rescue wildlife from the scorched area after one-third of the island was destroyed.

Almost half of Kangaroo Island has been razed by fire and, an estimated 80 percent of koala habitat wiped out. 

Source: Daily Mail


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