Child arrives at school with his head frozen. When the teacher looks closely, his heart breaks into a thousand pieces

School is very important for children all over the world. Unfortunately, many students don’t know how to take advantage of the perks they have, and don’t feel like studying. But this boy is completely different… he came into the classroom with his head frozen, after overcoming an ice storm, all that to take an exam.

There are many children who don’t have the possibility to study. However, when they do, they have to overcome many challenges and bad conditions to do it. That’s exactly why the photo of a boy from China, with his hair frozen at school, is spreading all over the internet. It’s impossible not to be moved by the effort he makes just to study.

The little one, named Wang Fuman, is 8 years old and lives in Xinjie, China. He lives with his grandmother because his mother abandoned him and his father had to move to a larger town to work and support the family.

Facebook – People’s Daily China

For Wang Fuman to get to school, he needs to walk 2.7 miles. At this time of year, it’s getting very cold in the country, and temperatures can reach -9 degrees Celsius. Despite the bad weather, the boy goes on foot every day to be able to learn.

The director of the school, moved by the determination of that student, captured photos of his frozen head and put it on social networks. One of the photos he posted on Facebook went around the world. In the photo, we can see the poor boy with his head and his hair completely frozen.

His eyebrows are also frozen and his hands burned from the cold. The director of the school told Chinese media People’s Daily that the boy decided to go to class because he had a test. Then, with his hands burned by the cold, the boy took the test after going through all those obstacles to get to school.

Facebook – People’s Daily China

Wang Fuman is an incredible example of discipline and sacrifice. We hope that photos broadcast on social networks reach people who can improve the situation of this boy. All children should be able to go to school in good condition. Share if you agree!

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