He grabs the baby by the diaper and pulls her through the yard. Then the mother sees the unthinkable …

Some people do not like adopting adult dogs because they think they will not adapt like a puppy, and much less when these dogs are of “dangerous” breeds, like the Dobermanns.

There are people who still have these prejudices. But the truth is that the only “dangerous race” is humanity. In addition, adult dogs are so grateful to be rescued that they fit as well or better than puppies, becoming super faithful to their owners.

Many of these animals, before being in the shelter, were very mistreated. The opportunity to have a home and a family that gives them love and care is a blessing to them. It was thought that a family from Australia decided to adopt a Khan, a Dobermann who suffered a lot during his life.

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The new owner Catherine decided to treat him very well and give her the love she never had, making sure he felt part of the family. On the fourth day he was in his new home, he began to act oddly close to the 17-month-old baby named Charlotte.

Catherine, the girl’s mother, saw the dog, who was in the backyard with the girl, showing her teeth and pushing the girl. The woman knew that the animal had been mistreated before, and was somewhat afraid.

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Before his mother could do anything, Khan grabbed the baby by the nappies and threw it across the yard.

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The woman was horrified and bewildered, for she did not know what was going on. Then Khan let out a huge yelp of pain and that was when the mother realized what was going on …

He had been bitten by a snake-the venom of that animal could have killed Charlotte in a short time. But the four-legged companion barked and defended the girl from danger, even in agony after being bitten.

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Fortunately, the mother managed to take Khan to a veterinarian, where he took an antivenom and survived. It’s amazing how the dog only knew the family four days ago but put their lives at risk to protect them.

Youtube – Celeb902

Animals continue to give us life lessons … this is proof of how wrong everyone is who thinks there are dangerous breeds, like the Dobermanns. They are actually very loyal and do everything to protect us.

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