Sisters sing Happy Birthday to their father – the reaction of the baby on the right when he blows the candles is priceless

When we’re kids, every birthday is fun. Who does not like having the family together to sing, eat cake, blow the candles and play with balloons? The truth is that these parties are a joy to the younger ones. However, after these sisters sang Happy Birthday to their father and he blew out the candles, something completely unexpected happened.

This father was celebrating his birthday with his six lovely daughters and his wife. They all gathered to sing Happy Birthday, and everything went well until the man blew the candles. After the large family had finished singing, the girls watched anxiously, waiting for the father to put out the flames and ask for a wish.

Then, with a gentle breath, the man blew out the candles. At that point, something very funny happened… One of his daughters had a completely unexpected reaction! No one could imagine that the baby would do this. It was an absolutely lovely moment of pure hysteria.

Fortunately, the mother recorded everything that happened and shared on the internet so that other people could laugh. Watch the funny scene by yourself.

Poor girl, she certainly wanted to blow the candles with her father… who never had that type of temper tantrums at a young age? If you liked the video, share the cute moment with your friends!

Source: Sharetap


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