Hang your dog or cat’s falling hair – the birds will thank you

What to do with that pile of hair that comes out when we brush the pets?

We can reuse it, of course!

Well, it’s not exactly us who are going to use those hairs, but we can make a little of them go to bird nests. Yes, birds love this kind of stuff to build their houses.

For the birds to have a very soft and warm place when they are born, all we have to do is hang the tufts of hair outdoors, like a clothesline, for example.

The birds make their nests with the most varied types of material, including animal hair. In an interview with SOS, biologist Andréa Borin confirmed:

“This really happens. There are even some birds who dare to collect hair from dogs while they sleep! “

Asked about the possibility that the bees’ hair had come in contact with parasites and other chemicals, Andréa says that this is not harmful:

“Of course, if you pass the parasite protector product right on the bird you can kill it. But in that case, they [birds] use falling hairs. The chemical is usually concentrated around the neck of the dog or cat. “

So here’s the tip: When brushing your pets, hang the hairpins in some outside area, or some easy place for the birds.

Help Mummy to set up a comfortable nest – without having to attack the sleeping dogs!

Source: Almanaque SOS


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