Man scolds guilty dog – the animal’s unexpected apology is simply adorable

All animal lovers know that dogs are a great blessing in our lives. Their unconditional love and mischief brings us moments of pure fun and joy, when we least expect it. While there is no doubt that our four-legged friends are part of our families, they also have the power to upset us.


A dog named Ettore learned a lesson when his human, Anthony, scold him for an unknown crime. The man appears in the video with a serious face, so as to convey his message and discipline the pup. However, the dog tries to enchant his human to forget his transgressions. It didn’t take long for a smile to spread across Anthony’s face, and it’s not difficult to understand why!


Ettore knows he messed up, but he also knows the fastest way to his human’s heart. Placing the paw on Anthony’s chest, he tilts his head to the side and, with a look of tenderness, he tries to earn his forgiveness. When that doesn’t work, he does something so cute that it’s impossible for Anthony to get upset.

Man scolds guilty dog

Check out the loving moment in the video below:

Have you ever been through a similar situation? Is your pet also a master at asking for forgiveness? So, share this adorable story with your friends and family!

Source: Share Tap


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