Guards save a dog that was abandoned tied up

A desolate dog crying out for help is a blow to the heart. Above all, because they are voiceless beings like Lesie, a canine left to her own devices. 

Lesie, the dog found with a note beside her screaming for help.

This voiceless being was not to blame for the wrong decisions of her former janitor, who left her helpless. And it is that, although it is assumed that those who adopt do so forever, Lesie did not run with the same fate.

“Please help me. Don’t let me die”, it was written on a piece of paper placed very close to the animal.

According to members of a security agency who spotted the dog during patrol.

Lesie was tied to a palm tree, sad, alone. Also, in the message was added the phrase, “take care of my friend,” so the guards proceeded.

“Taking care of her, I couldn’t afford to do that.” The text goes on to say.

These people with great hearts and humanity took care of all the medical expenses necessary to get poor Lesie back on his feet. However, the bottom line is that they have vowed not to rest until they find a new home for him.

The incident occurred in the Brazilian city of Ceará, in the municipality of Aquiráz, in the state of Fortaleza. It was clear that they didn’t want her anymore. 

In that brief but shocking note , the dog was also identified by her name.

“My name is Lesie, I ask you not to let me die. God will thank you for taking care of me.” Lesie’s former tutor added in the manuscript.

As reported by the local tabloid Diário do Nordeste, Municipal Civil Guard officers said that the hairy woman was “visibly malnourished.” In addition, he had hundreds of ticks injuring his skin.

With the help of the Municipal Traffic Department (Demutran), before being admitted to the veterinary clinic, Lesie was properly hydrated. In turn, the agents of both institutions offered to collect the money.

They have organized themselves into a collection where together they have collaborated for Lesie’s health, well-being, and future (which is the most important thing).

After leaving her brief stay at the medical center, and thanks to the care she received, it was decreed that Lesie was stable. However, her condition was far from ideal for any animal.

She continues to receive treatments to clear her skin and nourish her a bit to regain her ideal weight. The same police officers who found her are collaborating in the process.

Lesie’s rescue was an extremely moving event. It shows that there are still people who care about the most vulnerable. This group of policemen took the message to heart, as a kind of enchantment.

Today, our lovely dog is waiting for a good family to protect her and give her their love. 

As for the former leader’s decision, needless to say, it was not the best.

Everyone who decides to invite a puppy to share their life with them must do so with the intention of caring for them. However, as in Lesie’s case, circumstances sometimes make this task somewhat complex.

This dog’s sad past is behind her because the officials will make her very happy.

If you cannot take care of a pet, the most considerate thing is to find a home with loving people. Or else turn to the official animal care and protection services.

Source: Zoorprendente