Bride sees her groom’s ex during their wedding ceremony, stops everything and asks her to get up

When we marry someone who has a child, we are committing ourselves in double. Only a person with a heart full of love is able to welcome a new family, just like the bride we’ll see next. She decided to show how great her passion for her partner is, but especially for his beautiful son. The bride did this by dedicating her vows to her groom’s ex and the beautiful boy.

Katie Hild wrote the vows of her marriage thinking not only of the future husband Jeremy, but also of his son Landon. In addition, she didn’t forget to include Casey and Tyler, the mother of the child and his stepfather.

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In fact, everyone would become a great family, united with one common goal: to take care of Landon and to love him with all his might. This bride, instead of keeping the ex away from her husband, decided to include her in theirs lifes. In addition to being invited to the wedding, she and her partner were also included in the young woman’s vows!

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Although co-parenting brings several challenges, she knows that Landon’s well-being is a priority. Therefore, she will do everything to make him happy, and this includes getting along with his mother and her partner.

Facebook - Love What Matters
Facebook – Love What Matters

No doubt a very unselfish act of this woman. Katie turned her attention away to her husband’s ex-wife on her own wedding day… incredible, don’t you think? When the vows for Casey and Tyler were over, the bride turned her attention to Landon. At that time, she promised to take care of him and love him for the rest of his life.

Facebook – Love What Matters

In addition, she said that she would be his best friend and confidant whenever he needed (and of course scold him when necessary). After Katie finished, everyone had tears in their eyes… Watch the wonderful moment below.

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