Great Dane gets the news that he isn’t allowed to swim – so he responds hysterically to his owner

If you have kids then you know exactly how they can be very stubborn. Most of the times they’ll do whatever you say is banned. And sometimes pets, like dogs, tend to follow that line. Today we are going to meet a Great Dane named Max, who is stubborn in “person”!

Max wants to swim at all costs but his owner doesn’t approve of that decision. Why? Because this deaf dog isn’t allowed to swim with his jacket. But when his owner says no, instead of respecting that order, the big dog decides to make a tantrum…

Max is so smart that he seems to be able to read the lips and even understand the sign language of his human. How cool is that?


These two continue to argue for a few minutes, with Max getting closer and closer to the edge of the pool. It’s written on his face and you notice on his voice that he is desirous of giving a beautiful dive!

Surely this little discussion will leave you with a big smile on your face…

Great Dane receives the news that he isn’t allowed to swim

Watch this sweet moment in the video below:

How beautiful is that?

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Source: Glad Wire


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