Dogs are arguing over grandma’s lap – family bursts out laughing with the big dog’s solution

Grandmas are simply the best! They are cute, fun and loving human beings. They are always ready to give hugs and kisses to their grandchildren, not leaving their four-legged friends behind. And the story we’re going to meet today is a great example of that.

Youtube – RM Videos

When the grandmother comes to visit a particular house, with two furry friends, they are quite ecstatic to see her! In the video we’re going to watch below, we can see a little dog trying to get close to his grandmother, but something is preventing this from happening…

Youtube – RM Videos

An English Mastiff is so happy to have her friend around, he doesn’t stop howling, growling and barking in a very special way. The big guy also shows his affection for his grandmother, trying to sit on her lap. The only problem is his size, as he blocked the smaller dog.


Family bursts out laughing with the big dog’s solution


The grandmother laughs at the situation, but remains trapped under her “baby.” Check out the lovely moment in the clip below:

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