Goldie, a wounded puppy who couldn’t contain his joy when the rescue arrived

Goldie lived in the streets of India. He was fed by a very kind person from his neighborhood. One day the dog was run over.

The dog was seriously injured. His friend found him soon after and immediately called Animal Aid Unlimited.

Goldie looked in terrible shape. While he had to wait for the rescue to arrive he became very stressed. But the little dog barely noticed that the rescue team was approaching. He couldn’t contain his happiness, it seemed he knew what they were there for.

“As soon as his savior Nandu approached, he started wagging his tail,” Claire said. “It seemed that he knew we were there to help and that he trusted us”.

As rescuers evaluated his injuries, Goldie kept wagging his tail thanking him. They wrapped him in a blanket. Then they transported him to give this dog the help he needed.

On examining him, it became clear that his injuries were very serious. “He was injured in three different places. More seriously on the inner thigh and belly,” Claire said.

“His forehead was scratched and bleeding. His paw was causing him so much pain.”

He received analgesics and medication.

He looked so tired that he could barely keep his head up. When he finished the whole process, his wounds were clean. The only thing he could think of was to get some sleep.

“I was completely exhausted,” Claire said. “For several days he just slept. We continued administering intravenous fluids until he got stronger and started eating and drinking on his own”.

It took Goldie exactly two months for his injuries to heal. Besides a slight footprint on one of her front paws, today she is completely healthy and this is not an impediment to continue her life.

He will be eternally grateful to his saviors. There will never be enough hugs or kisses to thank them. “He’s one of the friendliest street dogs we’ve ever seen,” Claire said.

“Goldie is incredibly happy and sweet. He doesn’t want you to pay attention to anyone but him.”

He is well today and will live a long and full life.

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Source: Zoorprendente


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