Golden Retriever has been alone since his sister “left” – so, the father decides to surprise him with a puppy

What was the best Christmas gift you have ever received? Today we will meet a Golden Retriever who had a truly unforgettable gift. The 12-year-old dog, named Cash, was a little lonely because his four-legged sister had died! But this Christmas something has changed…

Cash’s owners decided it was time to bring another puppy to the family, but they wanted to do it in a way that surprised the animal. So, his parents carefully placed the puppy in a wrapped box, such as a Christmas present. Then they took the box to the living room and from there the magic of Christmas came to the top!

Of course Cash can tell that something exciting is happening… When his father puts the box on the floor, the big eyed dog is intrigued and, when less expected, a small dog appears from inside the gift!

Father decides to surprise the animal with a puppy

Anyone would be thrilled with this gift, but Cash’s reaction is priceless. Watch the lovely moment in the clip below:

So cute… A great proof of love!

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Source: Little Things


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