Dog was forced to give birth on the streets, extremely thin and tied to a tree!

Mothers are the most special thing in the world, after all they are the ones who give birth to a new life and have a natural instinct to nurture and care for their children! Today we are going to know the painful story of a little dog that was tied to a tree to give birth… Luckily, volunteers from St. Landry Parish Animal Control and Rescue found her in time.

Her name is Libby and she was found in a horrible state, the poor dog gave the best for her puppies, even in this terrible situation!

Completely unable to move, Libby just had to take the only option open to her and give birth. The dog was so sad, finding herself covered with ants, mosquitoes and general grime, but still, this mother followed her instinct.

Their dogs were still wet when first responders arrived, and the animal was doing its best to clean and protect her babies. Despite the efforts, unfortunately one of them was drowning in blood and died…

When she arrived at the rescue center, she had four more puppies, making a total of 12 babies who had survived! They were transferred to the Bellevue Vet Clinic to get all the necessary care. Meanwhile, the young are being fed manually so their mother can fully recover.

Libby and her dogs were very lucky because if the rescue team hadn’t arrived on time, the canine family would be dead by now.

Libby’s case is being investigated and accusations of animal cruelty must be followed. Hopefully they can catch the monster that did that!

Fortunately, Libby and her puppies are in good hands, and from now on they will have a future full of love and affection.

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Source: Doggies


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