Neighbor sees pedophile attracting girls into the forest, so he decides to follow them and takes action

The world is a dangerous place, especially for children. The vast majority of parents live in constant stress, fearing that something terrible can happen to their children. Unfortunately, parents can’t supervise them all the time because of their jobs. Young children are dependent on other people when they need help. Viper McDonald is one of those people. Fortunately, he saw a pedophile attracting girls into the forest and decided to act immediately.

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Many people judge Viper McDonald because he’s covered in tattoos, but those people could not be more mistaken regarding his personality. A mother of Falkirk, Scotland, tells us how he saved her girl and her friend’s daughter. The two girls used to play in the afternoon in a park near the house. Suddenly, a stranger approached in a bicycle and approached the girls. He said he had lost his jacket in the woods and asked for help. Without thinking twice, the children believed the well dressed man and decided to help.

A heroic act

But what they didn’t know was that the man, John Bermingham, 50, was a sex offender! He spent 12 years in prison after attempting to rape an 11-year-old boy.

Facebook – Viper Thefreak Macdonald

As the two girls began to follow the man, one of the neighbors, Viper MacDonald, realized what was happening. He saw the scene through the window of his house, and found that approach very suspicious. So, along with the 16-year-old son, Brandon, and his wife, Shelley, he followed the man. As soon as he found the opportunity, Viper jumped over the alleged pedophile and managed to immobilize him. At the same time, he shouted for the girls to follow his wife. Viper was able to hold the man until the police arrived!

Facebook – Viper Thefreak Macdonald

When police arrived at the scene, their jaw dropped when they saw Viper, a strong, tattooed man, holding the pedophile. What a true hero! Thanks to his rapid effort, the pedophile was captured. I don’t want to think about what might have happened if Viper hadn’t followed that man and the girls into the forest.

Happy ending

The girls’ mothers expressed their gratitude in a Facebook post that was shared thousands of times. “Instead of sharing the image of the pig that tried to kidnap our daughters, it’s better to share the image of a true hero!

Facebook – Viper Thefreak Macdonald

He’s called Viper. Last night, Viper and his son Brandon, 16, saw how our daughters were deceived by a man. They confronted that man and told our daughters to follow the wife. Viper kept the man trapped until the police arrived. We can’t not thank Viper and his family enough for what they did for our daughters.

These are the people we want to talk about, not the monster that is currently in a small prison cell. People who take the safety of society and children seriously and are not afraid to intervene. We are very grateful that Shelley, Viper and Brandon were in the right place at the right time yesterday.

You are fantastic!”

Facebook – Viper Thefreak Macdonald

Some people would probably judge Viper because he has many tattoos on his face. But his beautiful gesture shows that we should never judge a person by their appearance. Share if you want to pay tribute to the tattooed man and his brave family for following the girls to the forest and saving their lives!

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