Girl was lost in the woods for 11 days but was saved by her dog

Dogs are great friends with children, and we have seen many stories that show how beneficial their friendship is. Dogs do everything to protect the little ones, and the next animal is living proof of that.

Karina Chikitova is a 3 year old siberian girl. She lives with her mother, and usually goes to visit her father in the neighboring village. This was not the first time the girl had walked alone to see her father, but this time, things didn’t go as usual…

Her father was not home and the girl decided to go look for him. Karina went into a large forest, and got lost… many of the local adults only enter this area with guns because she is full of bears and wolves.

Only the child was not alone: he had a four-legged companion by his side. What no one imagined was that he would determine her fate…

Karina’s parents were very worried and sorry that they had let her walk alone. Besides, they thought only of the low temperature at night in the woods, below 0 degrees, and what the girl would have to overcome without shelter or help.

Rescuers did not have good news: they could not find the girl. Eleven days later, the hope of finding her alive was dwindling. But when they thought that everything was lost something impressive happened…

Karina’s dog returned to the village. The rescue team saw his return as a bad sign. Suddenly the animal begins to run back toward the woods, and the men decide to follow in their footsteps. When the dog stopped no one wanted to believe it!

The 3 year old girl was alive! Scared, cold, hungry and thirsty, but alive and well. She returned to her parents’ arms with a moving story…

While she was lost, she ate berries and drank river water, while her four-legged companion frightened away all approaching creatures. At night they warmed each other, helping Karina avoid hypothermia.

It’s amazing what this hero did for this little girl. The population, in honor of the dog, decided to erect a statue of him and Karina.

Thanks to the animal’s courage and love, the girl has survived … Share if you think the dog is man’s best friend!

Source: Portal do Animal


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