Girl saves disfigured cat that no one else wanted

A stray cat with a disfigured face was living a miserable life, searching for food in the trash in Istanbul, Turkey.

Everyone who saw him kept walking. They quickly dismissed him because of his appearance.

A seven-year-old girl discovered the sick animal and felt different from the rest of the people who had ignored it. She saw beyond his disfigured face and knew she had to do something to save him.

She took the cat to her father and begged him to help. The poor cat was extremely emaciated, had a missing ear, could barely open its right eye, and had mites.

The girl and her father took the cat to the vet, where they could take care of him back to health. They treated him with proper medication and had surgery to repair some of his facial deformities.

They called the cat Gulumser, which means “he who always smiles.” The cat is now doing well and has become inseparable from the little girl who saved his life.

This story only shows that you should not judge a book by its cover!

Watch the story in the video below:

Source: The Animal Rescue Site


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