Girl cries with emotion when she realizes she got a puppy

For the past three years, all Breanna kept asking her parents for was a puppy. Even though her family already had a big, lovable rescue dog, Breanna desperately wanted a little dog too. Her parents were unsure about getting a second dog, but after a while, they finally decided to give in — and wanted to make it a surprise. 

Over the past several years, Breanna has lost a few family members she was close to and has moved several times, and recently, her family had to move again. With all the change and struggle she’s had to go through, her parents thought having a furry little friend all her own to care for would be good for her and help her in so many ways. 

“She was going to a new home, school, friends and new area so we decided having a friend would help her adjust,” said Jennifer Kvande, Breanna’s mom. “Breanna is such a sweet soul and has such a wonderful, kind heart we knew she would make a wonderful doggy mom!” 

One day, Breanna’s dad pretended that he had a bunch of new stuffed animals to give her. He pulled one out of the car and handed it to her, and then went to grab the next one… 

… and instead, handed Breanna her brand-new puppy, Arya. 

When she saw Arya, Breanna gasped — and then immediately started crying as she lovingly cuddled her new best friend. 

“Her reaction melted our hearts in a way I didn’t know was possible,” said Kvande. “Her genuine surprise and instant love was immeasurable. She just started crying and when she said, ‘My baby,’ I knew we [had] chosen her best friend. Something she didn’t have to let go of again.” 

Breanna was so surprised and happy, and when her mom asked her if she liked her new puppy, she immediately cried, “Yes, I love her!” 

Now, Breanna and Arya are already best friends. Breanna’s barely let the little puppy out of her sight since she arrived, and is so grateful to her parents for bringing home her new best friend. 

“They do everything together and have already created an inseparable bond,” said Kvande. “They have yet to be apart more than five minutes. Arya is an overall wonderful puppy and Breanna has been so responsible with her! I know they are going to have many happy years together.” 

Source: The Dodo


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