Giant dog sees girl in the water and performs the most adorable “rescue”

For a Newfoundland, a day at the beach quickly turned into a rescue mission. One minute he was playing in the water, the next he was diving like a fearless lifeguard. Luckily, Mom had her phone nearby and was able to film the lovely “rescue.”

Now the overly protective dog is being considered a hero…


The Newfoundland are incredibly patient, loyal and love living with energetic children. However, it is important to keep in mind that these giants drool immensely and love hugs. So if you can not handle that, this dog may not be the right choice for your family!


Fortunately, this pup was around when a big wave knocked over the family child. The puppy’s mission was clear: rescue the girl immediately! Then the dog grabbed the little girl’s shirt and pulled her gently.

Giant dog performs the most adorable “rescue”

The mother could not believe her eyes as the brave Newfoundland “rescued” her daughter. Check out the cute moment in the video below.

Every family member will be safe while the loving dog is around… Share this fun time with your friends and family!

Source: Share Tap


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