After being rescued, dog gets emotional and holds hands with the woman who adopted her

After losing her human, a little dog named Regan, had a less happy period in his life. Despite being sent to a shelter, the dog wasn’t comfortable with other dogs, nor conformed to her loss.

The poor animal moved Kim Morena Rezac, founder of the Goofy Foot Dog Rescue. This situation lasted for a few days, until the woman made a decision. “She was in our shelter for days and I felt more and more pity for her. That’s when I decided to take her to my home. “said Kim.

It was then that, after formalizing the adoption, a moving scene invaded Kim’s car. The little dog was in the passenger seat and, in her own way, she thanked her savior. Regan simply didn’t let go of her new mother’s hand! “I think she felt safe having contact with someone who became familiar. In the shelter she was frightened, tense, nervous. But in the car, with me, she seemed grateful.”, Kim added.


Dog gets emotional and holds hands with the woman who adopted her


Check out the exciting moment in the clip below:

Despite everything she faced, Regan now has a loving family and she’ll certainly receive all the love and affection in the world… She deserves it! Share this incredible story with your friends and family!

Source: Best Of Web