German Shepherd realizes he’s at the vet and people can’t stop laughing with his reaction

Most pets don’t like going to the vet. Maybe because they’ve had bad experiences, or maybe they don’t like all the animals around them. A German Shepherd named Enzo recently showed how much he doesn’t like this “scary” place.

Animal Channel

As soon as the car stops, the dog notices where he is going. Although he may seem very brave, Enzo can not shake off this fear. In the video, the pup can be seen whimpering, while one of his owners announces that they arrived at the vet.

Animal Channel

The dog panics and tries to tell his humans that he just wants to go home.

Animal Channel

Enzo is a great dog, he just doesn’t like going to the vet. However, if his owners tell him he needs to go inside, he will do it…. In addition to his majestic appearance, he is a very loyal and protective animal!

German Shepherd realizes that he is at the vet

Check out the loving moment in the video below:

Is your puppy also afraid of the vet? So, you know this type of behavior very well. Share the funny moment with your friends and family!

Source: Animal Channel


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