Gentle gorilla discovers tiny friend in the forest

Due to pressure on habitats and the dangers of hunting, Ape Action Africa takes care of more than 300 rescued animals. Earlier this month, when caregivers were checking out a gorilla named Bobo, they found something a bit unusual.

Facebook – Ape Action Africa

Bobo, a western lowland gorilla, arrived at the sanctuary in 1994, after his mother was killed by poachers. More than two decades later, he is a strong gorilla and the leader of his group in the sanctuary.

Although Bobo is the dominant male in his group, he is known to be very gentle… Recently, a caretaker found Bobo cradling a tiny wild bush baby.

Facebook – Ape Action Africa

“Bobo made a new friend this week!”, Ape Action Africa wrote on Facebook. “Caregivers discovered him cradling the tiny primate during their morning checks.”

Facebook – Ape Action Africa

“The baby was probably living inside the gorilla enclosure,” said Elissa O’Sullivan, a spokeswoman for Ape Action Africa. “The bush baby showed no fear of Bobo,” she added.

Facebook – Ape Action Africa

Soon, the other gorillas became curious about Bobo’s little new friend. The dominant male allowed his gorilla friends to get close enough to take a look, even if he did not let them hold the baby.

Facebook – Ape Action Africa

“Bobo’s group-mates were desperately curious, particularly his favorite female, Avishag, but he kept them all at a distance, making sure that no one disturbed his new friend,” the sanctuary wrote.

“The little baby was happy to play in Bobo’s arms, jumping to explore the nearby grass. When the game was over, Bobo handed his friend back to the trees,” added the post.

Facebook – Ape Action Africa

Check out the love moment in the video below:

An incredible gesture that has touched hearts all over the world… Share this cute moment with your friends and family!

Source: The Dodo


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