Gas station’s employee sees a woman shaking accompanied by a man, and tells her to ‘stand behind him’

Most people freeze when facing stressful situation. But the employee at this gas station, suspecting that something was wrong with a customer, didn’t think twice about taking action. He was not sure if he was going to put his life in danger or if he would make things worse, but he thought he needed to act immediately.

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Manveer Komer is a 25-year-old man who works overnight at a local gas station in Philadelphia. One day, a couple came into his shop, and he knew something wasn’t right. The lady was shaking, and the man used her credit card to buy cigarettes. At that point, the employee noticed that the woman wasn’t with the man by choice.

The employee said to the woman, “Get behind me, I’ll help you, no problem.” He had no idea what was happening or the relationship between them, but he realized something was wrong. He pretended to have a gun in his pocket and walked over to the kidnapper.

Youtube – ABC News

Komer told the man to return the credit card and the car keys, but he declined. For a few minutes, he thought the man might attack him, but instead he fled in the woman’s car. The car had the woman’s cell phone inside, so the police managed to track it down and find the man shortly after Komer called to tell them what had happened.

It turns out that the man had kidnapped the woman, who was a doctor. The criminal took her to ATMs and shops, trying to get as much money out of her as possible. We don’t know what he wanted to do to her after stealing her money. “The woman was clearly so terrified she didn’t want to tell anyone that she needed help”.

Youtube – ABC News

Komer’s quick thought and bravery probably saved this woman’s life. Even after the man left, he helped the woman call the police and offered her a bottle of water. She was visibly shaken, and without the help of the employee, who knows what might have happened to her.

Watch the terrifying moment below:

Would you have the courage of this young man?

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