Mother has dinner with future son-in-law. Days later, she discovers an old photo that gives chills down her spine

Heidi and Ed Savitt are a young couple who got married last summer. They both love each other very much, but recently they discovered something that changed their relationship forever. When Heidi’s mother was introduced to her future son-in-law, she was shocked. After all, she had known him for many years!

The young couple, both 26, met at Newcastle University, London, in 2011. Ed went to live in a student residence where Heidi had already lived, and they started dating after he sent her a message asking how did the dryer work. They dated for 6 years, and then decided to get married.

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When the future son-in-law was introduced to Heidi’s mother, Kay Parker, she knew she had seen him before.

During a dinner, Kay Parker began to talk about her love for travelling with Ed’s mother, Fiona Savitt. She also loved to wander around the world and was enthusiastic about the conversation. At the time, Kay mentioned in passing that Heidi, by coincidence, had a “holiday boyfriend” named Ed when she was six. The two played together and held hands all week long in Turkey!

Facebook – Heidi Alice Savitt

After that conversation, Kay decided to look for the memories of this vacation. So she went up to the loft and looked for some pictures… what she found was amazing: the boyfriend of childhood that Heidi had in Turkey was actually the current fiancĂ©. It was the same Ed!

“I was screaming, it was just unreal. It’s crazy to think we could get married, share our lives together, but we could never find out” says Heidi. She never believed in fate until she saw those pictures, and now believes she was clearly destined to be with her current husband.

Facebook – Heidi Alice Savitt

Kay sent the photo to Fiona, and soon thereafter they discovered even more vacation memories of the two children. Fiona screamed when she saw the photos and exclaimed, “Oh my God, this is Ed!” Kay thinks that when Heidi and Ed met years later at the University, there must have remembered subconsciously of their childhood.

The previous connection is probably what attracted them. Heidi agrees, and said that from the moment she met Ed, they were inseparable and knew they would be together forever. This couple certainly proves that fate has a unique way of bringing two people together – even 20 years later! Share if you agree!

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