Woman loses baby and the furniture store that built the daughter’s bedroom does something wonderful

Losing a child is always a very difficult feeling. This woman we’re going to talk about is an example of this. Unfortunately, she lost her baby shortly after she was born. The mom had everything ready, including the bedroom. Upon learning of the situation, the furniture store decided to have a simply wonderful attitude.

Renata Marino asked her architect friend to leave her baby Bella’s bedroom absolutely perfect. In May of that year, the girl was born and the parents couldn’t be more radiant. Unfortunately, the girl died 10 days later. The mother was in great pain…

Even months after the baby’s departure, Renata could not get into the girl’s room. “I couldn’t even get into the room, at first I thought I would not remove the furniture, I thought I would get pregnant again and have another child, but the space began to be empty, like a ghost, so I decided to dismount and I packed everything. But I didn’t move the furniture, I was afraid to move and spoil it because it was very delicate”, said the woman.


Seeing the friend’s sadness, the architect decided to help. She contacted the furniture store to know how to dismantle the furniture, and if they charged for the service. The response of the company was much more than expected:

“Unlike any other store in this world we live in, they gave me two beautiful options: or they would have an employee dismantle and pack everything, and when I wanted to, they would send one person back to set everything up at no cost, or else they would return the furniture and would give me all the money back”, said Renata.

The parents decided to return the furniture, and when they contacted the store, the attendants said: “We sell more than furniture, we sell dreams. And if yours was not the way you wanted it, it doesn’t make sense for you to keep the furniture.” What a beautiful philosophy, don’t you think?

No doubt this company is an example to follow… share if you agree!

Source: Best of Web


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