Mom asks her dog if he pooped on the floor and he responds full of guilt!

Many dogs are well trained and know when to go out into the yard, when their physiological needs speak louder. However, sometimes there are still some accidents. Today we’ll meet Zeus, a Husky who tries to cover up one of his “gifts” while his owner scolds him.


When his mother confronts him, he howls in protest. However, the puppy cannot fool anyone and the feeling of guilt is visible on his face!


“Did you poop because you were mad or it was truly an accident?” Apparently, Zeus takes revenge on his mother when he’s angry and does it on the rug.


Husky’s most dramatic reaction comes when his mother says he’s a bad dog. Zeus takes it to heart and rebukes his owner. Check out the hilarious moment in the video below:

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Source: Hola Wamiz


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