Forest guard carries dehydrated dog on his shoulders to a river and saves his life

Forest guard Kris Salapek picked up the huge, panting dog on the ground, threw it on his shoulders, and carried it over a rocky hill to an aquatic point. A hero.

While walking on a hot afternoon in New Jersey, Lexie Daniel and a group of friends met a park ranger helping a dog that seemed to be suffering from heat exhaustion.

Despite all the water they gave him, he was so dehydrated he couldn’t move. Lexie’s group offered his own supply, but the poor dog couldn’t recover. Fortunately, ranger supervisor Kris Salapek was the perfect person to save the situation.

By the time they found him, they were too far away and the dog’s owner couldn’t take him back to the car. After Salapek realized that the water wasn’t helping much, he took action.

Lexie told the story in his Facebook account: “This guard took this huge dog, threw it on his shoulders and took it (a) incredibly rocky hill to the creek (it was a long way away) and put it in the water kneeling next to him and pouring water on it,” he wrote.

According to Lexie, the puppy “must have been on his shoulders for about an hour.” When they got to the car, Tori Matyola, Lexie’s cousin, said, “The puppy looked a little better and raised his head.

Still, his human being took him straight to the vet to make sure everything was okay. Lexie contacted Salapek later to see if he knew anything about the dog’s condition and found that he was much better.

He turned to Facebook to share the good news, which relieved the countless people who participated in the story.

The rescue was incredible and, fortunately, good people were in the right place to help that poor dog back home.

Source: UPSOCL


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