Footage shows baby cat being repeatedly kicked by a man

A video, filmed on September 28, shows the moment when a man repeatedly kicks a cat at a nursery in a neighborhood of Brazil. The images, released on social networks, were recorded by the security cameras of a local residence. In them, we can see the man getting out of the car, with his son and his wife, heading for the sidewalk to kick the little animal, and then returning to the vehicle.

After the incident, the family walked to the kindergarten that the child attends. The moment caused an uproar in the residents of the neighborhood, who reported that the cat was badly injured. One of the local people decided to press charges and adopted the cat, whom she called Nana.

Olhar Animal

The case of abuse has already been sent to the Office of Environmental Protection. Now, the Civil Police of Brazil is doing its best to identify the suspect. Images from surveillance cameras were attached to the investigation. The president of the Society for the Protection of Animals, Márcio Sousa, says the entity is monitoring the case.

Olhar Animal

Rossana Leitão, an economist who lives in the street where the case of maltreatment occurred, decided to adopt the animal. According to her, the one-and-a-half-month-old kitten started to limp after the attack, and had to undergo surgery.

The cat is called Nana and already plays, eats and is recovering well. “She’s a warrior, she asked to live,” explains Rossana. The adopter and her husband have issued an incident report and are awaiting news about the case.

Source: Olhar Animal


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