Man takes flowers to deceased wife every day – when he discovers what strangers have done, he begins to tremble

Bud Caldwell’s deep love for his wife Betty didn’t fade after her death. Even after she left this world, her husband continued to take flowers to her, specifically daisies. This was because the woman’s favorite song was Daisy a Day. The couple heard this song several times, every week, during their almost 56 years of marriage.

Daisies for his wife

Bud used to surprise his wife with bouquets of daisies when she was alive, and sometimes he would play the music as he handed them over. Unfortunately, in 2013, Betty passed away and Bud was left alone. However, the wife always remained alive in his heart.

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As a way to show his enduring love and admiration for Betty, Bud bought a memory bench in her honor at Lakeside Park in Fon du Lac, Wisconsin. The bench includes a small plate with Betty’s photo, and some information about the woman Bud was proud to call his wife.

Every day Bud visited this memorial to pay tribute to his wife. Many times he just sat there, singing her favorite song. The man also talked to her about his life, weather, what was happening in the world and how much he missed her.

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When winter came, it was harder for Bud to visit Betty’s bench. On a very cold and snowy day, Bud only watched the bench from a distance and was very sad. The snow was too dense for him to reach it. However, two strangers noticed Bud’s daily ritual and decided, in secret, to help.

Strangers decide to help

Two city workers were moved by the man’s devotion: he never stopped visiting the bench, no matter what. He thought no one was noticing, but these two wonderful humans saw everything and decided to help.

Youtube – CBS Evening News

The workers wanted to help the husband do his ritual without asking for anything in return: they went to the bench’s street and cleared the snow. Knowing this, Bud was very touched and grateful. Although it was a small gesture, it meant the world to the elderly.

This is undoubtedly a story of love and kindness. These workers have restored my faith in humanity. Share if you agree!

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