Flea-covered dog suffering from scabies and inflamed legs is rescued and saved from a life of pain

Dogs deserve to be cherished. We will never understand why they would be left alone to fend for themselves or harmed in any way by the people who should love them most. Like this little one. He was thrown out like trash.

When rescuers found him, their hearts broke. He was covered in fleas, suffering from mange, and his poor little legs were so badly inflamed he could hardly walk. They gave him a very handsome name: Leonard.

Leonard was taken to the rescue center. They gave him a proper meal and a good bath. The bath contained medicated shampoo that will help treat his mange. As the days progressed, Leonard began to improve. He still had a long way to go but wow, what a difference!

As Leonard realized he was safe, and finally loved, his true colors showed. So many people betrayed him but now that’s a permanent thing of the past!

You could truly see it in his eyes, he now trusted the humans around him. At first, he was skeptical, which is understandable, but as days went on he realized these humans were the good ones!

Leonard’s caregivers love putting him in little coats and sweaters to keep him warm. He looks so cute!

It turned out that Leonard is such a wonderful dog and needed a home forever. A very kind woman stepped up as an adopter. Once they met, it was a match made in heaven! See how happy Leonard looks! He is finally feeling the love of an owner. The love he always deserved.

We are thrilled. Leonard’s cruel past is just that – his past! Here’s to a wonderful life, Leonard.

Watch his story by clicking play in the video below!

Source: I Love My Dog


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