Student walks 20 kilometers to arrive on time for his first day of work

An Alabama college student named Walter Carr is inspiring the world with his story of courage, determination and humility. It all started when his vehicle broke before the first day of work. Most people would have called to say that they could not go. However, the young man didn’t want to do that.

Carr was a new hire at Bellhops, a moving company. The night before his first day of work, the student’s car broke down. Without hesitation, the young man dressed and walked all night, more than twenty kilometers, to get to work on time.

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Young man walks to work

The police stopped Carr to find out what he was doing alone on the road in the middle of the night. The officials were so impressed by his response that they took him into town and offered him breakfast.

Meanwhile, Jenny Lamey and her family were ready for the changes. A little earlier than anticipated, Carr and a police officer knocked on her door, explaining why they had arrived ahead of schedule.

Lamey was incredibly impressed by the young man, and invited him to rest for a while. Instead, Carr asked if he could go ahead and get the job done. Lamey posted Carr’s story on social networks, where it quickly became viral. “He is humble, gentle, cheerful and has big dreams!” said Lamey. “He’s hard-working and tough.”

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Unexpected gift

The story became viral, and the head of the Bellhops shifting company, Luke Marklin. Marklin said he was impressed by Carr’s initiative and set up a meeting to offer him an incredible gift: a brand new car!

“Frankly, I’m impressed with him,” Marklin said of Carr. “All that he did that day is exactly what we stand for – heart and courage.” When Carr accepted the keys to his new vehicle, he could barely speak. “Really?,” he asked.

Carr later said that Bellhops was the first company in a long time to hire him. “I wanted to show them that I could have dedication,” said Carr, who plans to be a US Marine. “I said I’d get to work one way or another.”

Carr thanked his parents for making him the man he is today. His family has gone through tough times, such as losing their home in Hurricane Katrina, which has motivated the move to Alabama.

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“I want people to know that – no matter what the challenge is, you can overcome it,” said Carr. “Nothing is impossible unless you make it impossible.” “I have God by my side.”

Look at the beautiful moment when he gets a new car below:

What a wonderful student… would you have the determination and the courage to do what he did? Share your opinion with us in the comments!

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