Firefighters, caregivers, and neighbors save all animals from a burning Australian Zoo

Amid the voracious fires that devastated the vast Australian territory, firefighters and staff from the prestigious and award-winning Mogo Zoo in New South Wales, near Batemans Bay, Australia, have emerged to help in the tragedy.

Thanks to their extraordinary courage and effort, they managed to save all their animals from the flames. The Mogo Zoo is famous for having the largest and most complete collection of primates in Australia, as well as zebras, rhinos and giraffes. And it is not that they live in the best situation inside a zoo, but today they are alive thanks to these heroes.

Threatened by the growing fire, since it was in the firing line, the authorities decided to keep the place closed. They were not taking any risks, however, they decided to stay and not evacuate.

In an act of love and a real sense of belonging, all the janitors at the Mogo Zoo have managed to protect and subtract 200 victims from this horrible and painful disaster that has already killed almost 500 million souls of all animal species.

Firefighters fought outside and caretakers inside the zoo, against the fire.

But not only do team members have full credit. Many residents of the area have also opened the doors of their hearts and homes to care for monkeys, pandas, and even a tiger. The only common mechanism for these people was to save innocent lives, and they did.

“The situation was apocalyptic, something very similar to the Armageddon film, but we had a precise plan: first we got rid of everything flammable and then we turned to the animals,” said Chad Staples, director of the zoo.

The most complex operation was to find refuge for the smallest and most vulnerable species, as the largest, such as lions, tigers, and orangutans, were transferred to safe night areas without problems, where they remained calm and safe, with hundreds of thousands of people. of liters of water prepared in advance.

In view of this, Director Staples himself made the decision to take others to his own home, in a show of empathy and solidarity, which we should all imitate.

“Right now, in my house, there are animals of all descriptions in every room, which are safe and protected… I can proudly say that no animals have been lost,” said the fervent environmentalist.

Thanks to the nobility and great conscience shown by all the men and women who participated in this confrontation with death, today all the animals in the park are safe from fire.

Certainly, if it weren’t for these anonymous heroes, the now recognized Mogo Zoo and everything in it would be just ashes, a distant memory.

Unfortunately, the city of Mogo has been severely damaged with dozens of real estate and ecological losses, leaving thousands adrift; In addition, at least seven people have lost their lives since the tragedy began in the state of New South Wales.

We know that in Australia there is no official religion, however, it is not necessary to be religious to pray and ask for this country that was involved in the middle of a hellish nightmare, whose consequences have affected and will affect the ecosystem globally in the future.

Share this story with your family and friends and we will work to ensure that the systematic damage we are doing to our beloved blue planet ceases, before it is too late to regret it.

Source: Zoorprendente


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