Firefighter saves Pit Bull from fire, but watch what happens 5 months later

Firefighters are some of the most important and courageous members of our society. Not only do they risk their own lives, but they are also responsible for saving heroically the lives of others. Today we will meet a dog that was rescued in Hanahan, South Carolina and joined the fire department.

A dog, named Jake, was only 3 weeks old when he was rescued from a fire by Bill Lindler, a local fire department firefighter. With 50 to 75 percent of his body burned, the dog had a bitter early life and an unpredictable future.

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Bill decided to adopt Jake because he admired the dog for everything he went through. “I knew this little boy would need a good home,” Bill said.

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Jake and Bill developed an inseparable bond. Then, as soon as Jake’s treatments were completed, Bill brought the young Pit Bull to the fire department!

Facebook – Jake’s Page

Immediately, the character of the dog revealed itself to those around him, reserving a special place in the heart of each of the firemen. Jake is “a dog of people.” Admits a pumping. He “can not let anyone walk in the house without wanting to greet him.”

Jake not only became a close friend and companion to the firefighters, but also an example to those around him. “Even with all the burns, he was so happy and friendly, it was good to have him around … He’s very good for morale,” says James Durham.

Having suffered burns in more than 70% of the body, the recovery of Jake would take a few weeks. But, Lindler was there to make sure that this was not a road the puppy would have to face alone!

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As Jake grew stronger and his burns began to heal, Lindler began to bring the dog along with him to his shifts at the fire station. And he adapted perfectly!

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Como resultado, o Chefe dos Bombeiros, o Prefeito e o Administrador da Cidade titularam Jake como bombeiro honorário e a mascote oficial do Departamento de Bombeiros.

Facebook – Jake’s Page

Jake’s circumstances have never stopped him from becoming the loving and gentle dog he is today, and he has been a continual encouragement to Bill and his companions. “I could not imagine my life without him.” Says Bill.

Bombeiro salva Pit Bull do fogo, mas veja o que acontece 5 meses depois

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