When they get home they find the dog with a gunshot wound. A note on the door explains the cause of the tragedy

Policemen are essential to the well-being of society. They fight injustice and crime, but this cop does not deserve the honor of wearing his uniform. Find out why!

When this family came home they never imagined to find ….

After spending hours away from home they found a horrifying scene! Their dog, Bruno, was badly wounded by a bullet. Everyone was shocked, not knowing what had happened. That’s when they came across a note on their door. There was a message to “explain” what happened.

Angie Laymon

The note was from Rogers Police Commissioner, and read as follows:

Angie Laymon

“We were investigating a crime and your dog attacked our police officer. The dog was shot and we need you to call us.”

According to Angie Kaemmerling Laymon, there were some disturbances in the neighbourhood that day. A police officer had come to her house to ask some questions about the neighbourhood, but she was not home. The officer felt threatened by the dog and fired a bullet at him.

Bruno was doing his duty, taking care of his owners’ house and was the target of this terrible act of cruelty!

Only three hours later, Angie and her daughters arrived home, finding Bruno bleeding and very sad.

The animal’s chances of recovery were minimal. The injuries were so severe that the veterinarians did not know if he would survive. Since the family did not have the money to treat it, they had to raise funds in the site “GoFundMe”.

Angie Laymon

Despite the cruel attitude, Angie decided not to reveal the name of the policeman.

Angie Laymon

The dog survived the wounds, but unfortunately lost one leg. Bruno still has a long way to go but he is recovering well.

Angie Laymon

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