This proud ferret mom can’t resist showing her beautiful babies to her human

Human mothers are usually very proud of their children. The same goes for animals. What is most impressive is that many animals feel the need to show the pure beauty of their newborn babies to kind humans.

And it’s good that they do it because that’s the only way we have access to beautiful images like the ones we are about to show you!

A proud little ferret mom was determined to show her babies to a human. To do so she used her special technique … Grabbing the man’s finger with her mouth and pulling his hand, she than introduced her babies to this lucky human.

This moment was recorded and perpetuated. Now the internet is going crazy with the sweetness of these little creatures.

Newborns are called Kits. They are usually about 2 to 2 inches long and are born with soft skin rather than hair. In addition to being born blind they are also born deaf and without teeth. Their eyes and ears only start working when they reach 4/5 weeks of life.

Good maternal instinct works great for ferrets. They know exactly how many puppies they have and if any are missing! In the first weeks babies are totally dependent on their moms.

Here’s how this ferret showed she is a proud mother:

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Source: Bored Panda


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