Female dog that was used for reproduction is found abandoned with paralysis and pregnant.

Maria, a Dachshund, was paralyzed from her hips down. But that did not stop their cruel owners from using her for reproduction. Then, when they realized that a $ 3,000 cesarean would be needed for the next birth, they abandoned her immediately.

Fortunately, the rescue organization, Friends of Emma, found Mary terrified and decided to help her giving birth. In veterinarians, it was discovered that she was severely anemic, covered with fleas and infections. Seeing Maria carrying her body and her huge belly through the grass was very painful.

When Maria finally gave birth, everyone was amazed to see those seven healthy puppies. This is much more than the normal size of Dachshund cubs! With therapy and care in the shelter, Mary was slowly able to walk again. Watching her now, as she jumps and plays with her puppies, has given us a new ray of hope!

Maria and all her seven puppies have found the most loving home to live forever. What a happy ending for them!


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