Female dog is found abandoned and tied up in the woods surrounded by vultures

Residents of Greensboro, North Carolina, were surprised by the sudden increase in the number of vultures flocking their neighborhood. They were shocked when they found that the scavengers were all huddled up beside an abandoned Pit Bull puppy named Lilo, whose owner had chained and neglected her in the freezing woods for weeks.

A photo of Lilo surrounded by vultures soon caught the attention of animal activists. They found that Lilo was always chained and never had enough food or water. Her dire circumstances made her sick, and the vultures were drawn to the smell of decay around her.

The alarming presence of the vultures ended up saving this 8-month-old, as authorities came to rescue her. She was taken in by the Merit Pit Bull Foundation, where she received a full meal and a bath for the first time in her life. Initially, she was fearful of humans and the sight of backyards. She would just hug her caretakers all day for some comfort.

She just hugged her caregivers all day for some comfort.

Couple Keana Lynch and Travis Henley have adopted Lilo and promised to help her heal from the physical and mental trauma. Meanwhile, the authorities are investigating the case of her neglect and abuse, and are looking for any information on the case. Spread the word.

Click on the video below to watch Lilo’s arduous journey as she fought the door of death.

Source: I love My Dog


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