They fell on their knees when they saw what they did to that dog

The extent of cruelty seems to have no limits, and it’s often incredibly difficult to combat these inhumane acts. But fortunately, there are good people working in that direction! Eric Purdue is one of those incredible and kind people.

He saw on a Georgia trail something so cruel that it was truly unimaginable that anyone could do that. The man noticed a snout jumping out of the dirt, leading to a pair of blue eyes … It was a poor dog who was buried alive and left to die!

Purdue heard an animal crying from a distance, he followed the sound and almost stepped on the dog, which was hidden under the earth. He dropped to his knees, almost in total shock, and began to dig furiously to get the little dog off the ground, there was only a small part of his face to the surface!

The man took about half an hour to dig until his nephew and his son came to help. The little dog, called Lulu, just seemed to know they were digging to help her and was so happy!

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Purdue said, “I think she knew we were trying to help her, so she just stayed there. She was not super responsive”

Even as he dug to free her, he knew he would adopt her and give her the life she deserved to have, no more suffering! As soon as she was released, he ran to the vet… Unfortunately, in the early hours of the morning, she passed away, because of the severity of the injuries she suffered. She was buried for two days!

Purdue is actively trying to find out more about what happened and who could have done it, poor Lulu didn’t stand a chance!

“This person needs help. Many of this, or some serious prison time, or both… I just couldn’t believe that someone would take so long to do such a terrible thing for a dog… They are sick. And if they’re just ruthless, maybe someone will inhale them for a day or two, see how they like it.”, he said again.

Let’s hope this monster pays for what he did… No animal deserves to go through this!

Watch the news about the rescue in the clip below:

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