Dog is severely burned and continues to feed her puppies

Lina is a dog who touched thousands of people, after going through a less good phase of her life. The beautiful girl was found in Buenos Aires, taking care of her puppies, despite being severely burned with hot oil.

Lina went to ask for food from a house, where not only was she denied a piece of bread, but also was left with very severe burns. That’s how the poor animal was:


The little dog ran away and, despite the pain, returned to take care of her young. In that state, she was found by Carolina, a volunteer from Proyecto 4 Patas, who filed a complaint about the case. The puppies, despite having parasites, were healthy thanks to their mother.


The organization decided to take care of Lina and her puppies as well as start looking for a home for the little ones. “It was terribly painful to see her scars, but she behaved at all times with admirable integrity that moved us,” says the young woman.

She was recovering little by little…


Lina had an eye with a stroke due to the hot oil and feared losing sight. She was also badly burned on the back. But with the right treatments, she began to regain her health.


After weeks of treatment, Lina was ready to be adopted. Luckily, she totally recovered and her pups were all redirected to loving homes!

Proyecto 4 Patas looked for a loving family for Lina and decided that the one of Alfio, another rescued dog, was perfect.

Lina with her foster brother, Alfio

“The first few days were hard for Lina: she trembled, didn’t lift her head and stayed in the same place.” At one point she peed in fear, but we knew it was a matter of time. She was recovering, we were very happy to see how good and playful she was, so we knew that with the days she would let go,” says Daniela, her adopter.

She began to feel comfortable.

Now Lina runs, jumps and plays with her loving family. Finally, after much suffering, she has a dream life!


Lina is happy in her new home and may forget the cruelty of humans, which she knew so terribly. Share this incredible transformation with your friends and family!

Source: Te Importa


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