Father trains his dog to “supervise” his daughter while she does her homework

A father in southwest China has invented a creative way to keep his daughter from distracting herself while doing her homework.

The man decided to train his dog to “supervise” the girl while she was doing her homework at her home in Guiyang, Guizhou Province, as she kept looking at the phone.

The lovely videos show the cream colored dog standing on his hind legs, hovering strictly on the student while she completes her homework on a table.


Her father, surnamed Xu said his daughter would always procrastinate and struggle to concentrate.

The dog joined the family in December 2016, when he was just a puppy and grew up with the girl, Xu said.

“He is well behaved,” he said. “I’ve been training him since he was young and now he does everything I ask him to.”

“I pointed to the table and told him to look at my daughter while she was doing her homework,” he added. “That would protect her and make sure she did not pick up her phone.”

In the video, the dog is seen looking intently at the girl as a strict teacher.

“Such a clever dog! No excuse for the student to be lazy now.” commented someone

“Look at the hard working dog doing a good job, it’s not easy being a dog nowadays!” another person commented.

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Source: Mail Online


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