Crowd cries with father and son duet, and Simon is forced to press the golden buzzer

There are talents that go from generation to generation, and the family that we are going to see next is an example of this. Recently, Tim and Jack Goodacre performed a duet of father and son in Britain’s Got Talent 2018, and managed to make the audience cry with emotion. As well as having absolutely magnificent voices, the 43-year-old man and the 12-year-old sang with passion and feeling.

Although they are more than three decades apart, they are totally synchronized with music! Their stunning style and passion for singing are undeniable. The duo decided to take the lead and bring their original song The Lucky Ones to the show. What happened? The crowd loved it! But there was a particular juror who had a completely unexpected reaction to their performance.

Youtube – Britain’s Got Talent
Original music with a beautiful meaning

Before the audition began, Tim explained why they wrote The Lucky Ones. He said, “We’ve all had family losses and things like that. As a father and son, this is a father, son and family song, it’s about us.” After his father’s explanation, Jack commented, “It’s about how lucky we are to have what we have.”

This feeling of gratitude was exactly what gave the pair enough courage to sing the original song in front of the judges, and to do the live audience with the world watching online. With millions of eyes on them, Jack and Tim began to play.

Youtube – Britain’s Got Talent
Golden buzzer

Together, Tim and Jack sang about the pain of loss and the hope associated with moving on. As the performance ended, the audience began to applaud loudly. Simon was so impressed that he even decided to ring the golden buzzer! This was clearly a performance that everyone will remember forever! Take a look at the wonderful performance of father and son… you won’t regret it.

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