Farmer is surprised to see a chicken caring for three kittens

The maternal instinct is incredibly strong in animals. This hen saw three helpless chicks and decided to protect them.

When a farmer, Goran A Surch, heard strange noises coming from his chicken coop, he feared that his chickens were in danger. Listening more closely, the sound sounded like a soft meow… Very strange then…

However, this farmer saw nothing special. He couldn’t determine exactly where the sound was coming from. Until he lifted a chicken that was lying still in the straw! He then discovered three adorable kittens with it.

The kittens were apparently orphans and had found a mother hen (this is the case) who kept them warm and cared for them as best she could.

“When we found the kittens, we immediately went looking for their mother. Unfortunately, we think she drowned very close to here,” he told the Daily Mail.

He was surprised to see the chicken taking care of the kittens.

Watch how the chicken takes care of the kittens in the video below:

A few days later, Goran shared a video of the kittens with a cat, but they still seem very interested in the sweet mother hen.

Source: Incroyable


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