Famous photographer leaves everything to live with hundreds of dogs in the forest

Daria Pushkareva was one of the most well-known photographers in Russia. She worked in movies and then specialized in wedding photography. However, despite the enormous success she had in her career, she could not help thinking that there was something missing.

Daria lived all her life in the city of Moscow.

Daria wanted to explore the world of photography because working on the set was very exhausting and had to do shifts of up to 15 hours. Since she became one of the most sought after wedding photographers in the entire country, she realized that this job was also consuming every part of her life and that she never took vacation to rest.

“I realized that I was addicted to work”.

It was then that she remembered her childhood dream: to have a dog shelter. Daria grew up in a very modest home and could never have a pet. But he has always tried to help the neediest dogs in some way. She started working as a volunteer in the short time she had. And before she knew it, she and her husband had already rescued 6 dogs.

Daria volunteered to find temporary nursing homes for dogs.

His first dog was a beautiful puppy that did not have an eye and nobody wanted to take care of him. They fell in love with sick dogs or dos with behavioural problems, that no one else wanted to give them a chance. Daria knew that with love and dedication she could give these dogs the life they deserved.

“Now I feel like I’m not wasting my time and my life makes sense.”

When they were about to rescue their seventh dog, they had to face a dilemma. The dog had behavioral problems, was aggressive and all veterinarians recommended that it would be better to sacrifice him. They didn’t want to give up. After several tests, it was discovered that the dog had a craniocerebral trauma that caused him mirages and aggressive behavior.

“I asked if there was anything I could do to make the dog happy and the vet said it would be best to give it to a place outside the city with a lot of space.”

Instead of handing it over, they decided to change their lives. They gathered all their savings, made some loans, and bought a country house on the outskirts of Moscow. They left their jobs to dedicate full time to dozens of puppies.

“I don’t consider it a refuge. I even get offended when someone calls it that. They are our dogs, we love them. We don’t plan to deliver them to anyone.”

Before realizing it, the number of dogs had exceeded one hundred. And they even opened the doors to some foxes and raccoons to prevent anyone from using their skin to turn them into coats.

“We said goodbye to our comfortable way of life and, we are happy.”

We celebrate this great change in Daria’s life. She has been able to find herself and also saves the lives of many animals.

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Source: Zoorprendente


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