Family sets up a plastic tent outside the house to protect street dogs from the rain

Although we often try to understand their needs, animals cannot speak and express what they feel. Whether they are hungry or cold is something we must foresee because they cannot tell us. That is why we, as human beings, must take advantage of the fact that we are “smarter” to try to understand them and do what we can for their well-being. Like this generous Guatemalan family, who helped the poor roaming dogs protect themselves from the torrential rains.

In the city of Quetzaltenango, the rainy season is quite abundant every year, so many of the street dogs that live on the city roads have no places or roofs to shelter from to stay dry; however, Juan Pablo Camacho’s family decided to give these poor animals concrete help, making them the shelter they deserved.

Little “refuge”.

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Posted by Noemí Morales on Tuesday, August 30, 2016

In fact, the Camacho family built a small “refuge” with wooden planks and a large piece of transparent plastic outside their home. Under this huge plastic, all the street dogs could therefore take shelter without the danger of getting wet abundantly with rainwater.

Obviously, the plastic tent was installed by the family near the door and windows of the house, so the Camachos also left them with enough water and food.

A very simple gesture to implement. A small contribution for many street dogs in Guatemala City meant a lot. A Facebook user, Noemi Morales, cannot fail to notice the improvised installation of Juan Pablo Camacho and documented the beautiful gesture in a post that quickly traveled the world.

It takes very little to give a concrete hand to those who need us most: whether they are homeless, needy people, or simply street dogs, all the most needy living beings are entitled to a more than dignified living condition. Special thanks, therefore, go to the Camacho family for relieving the daily life of these needy dogs.

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