Family saves squirrel – then 8 years later she returns to show them something important

The bond between humans and animals can be incredibly strong and the case we’re going to meet today is a great example of that. We’re not just talking about pets like dogs and cats… Sometimes even wild animals can become as close as our own families.

After Brantley Harrison and her family rescued a squirrel in 2009, they released her into the wild and they weren’t expecting to find her again. However, eight years later, the animal they called Bella came back to make visits almost every day… As long as there was food, of course!

In 2009, she was attacked by an owl and almost died. Fortunately Brantley Harrison and his family took her home, recovering the poor animal’s state of health. Bella stayed with them until spring 2010, until she was fully recovered.

Instagram – cidandbella

The truth is that Bella never went very far… Eight years later, the animal began to visit the family!

Instagram – cidandbella

“Bella stands at the front door waiting for someone to know she’s coming for a visit.”, Brantley said.

Instagram – cidandbella

The most incredible thing is that eight years after her stay with the Harrisons, Bella came back to be helped because she had a damaged foot and was also pregnant. Not only did she remember who her family was but also chose to come back and share another important milestone with them.

“It was really amazing to see the baby I created to create her own babies.” Says Brantley Harrison. The animals really are incredible and this case is a proof of that!

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Source: The Animal Bible


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