Family rescued a dying puppy from shelter so she could die in peace

Mary and her family, who are from America, have volunteered at an animal shelter in Ankara, Turkey, which takes care of 4,000 dogs.

In Turkey, dogs are rarely sacrificed, which makes the shelters overcrowded and under-financed.

Many of the dogs they receive are sick and some cannot be treated.

A litter of sick puppies was suffering from cinomose, which in its later stages affects the brain and spinal cord, causing convulsions and loss of coordination.

Since they probably wouldn’t survive, Mary’s family decided to take the puppies home so they could pass peacefully in a warm place and not in the shelter.

But then a miracle happened. Faith, the smallest puppy in the litter, not only survived cinomose, but grew healthy and strong.

The family was shocked, but it was taken for happiness and relief.

They continued to care for Faith until she was ready to be adopted, and then she went to a loving home forever in America!

When Faith was sick, she couldn’t even walk; now she’s able to run like the wind, like any other dog!

Faith was the first dog Mary and her family saved, but they rescued over 50 street dogs in Ankara.

Source: I Love My Dog Somuch


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