Family refuses to leave dogs behind during Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian’s passage through Greater Bahama, one of the main islands of the Caribbean archipelago, left a trail of destruction and desolation in the town of Freeport. Local photojournalist Tim Aylen made a record of himself and his family fleeing through muddy water and high winds.

The images also show Tim’s daughter Julia, 21, rescuing the two dogs from the family amid the current. She carries a backpack on her back and holds a dog in each arm while the water is close to her shoulders. Tim’s son tries to save himself by climbing on the roof of the family car.

In an interview with The Tribune, Tim says the family had no evacuation plans because they did not expect water to reach such high levels. She also explains that after leaving they were rescued and, together with their dogs, taken to a shelter. Everyone is safe.

Many families got shelter with their domestic animals. The US Department of Agriculture has abolished the restriction of animal entry and authorized US NGOs to rescue and welcome dogs and cats affected by Hurricane Dorian.

Source: ANDA


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