Family leaves this dog after 10 years because they renovated their house

It’s always pleasant to read happy stories that make our day, but unfortunately, sometimes the sorrows knock on the door. And the story that we are going to see today is a great example of that… A little dog that was abandoned, just because her family renovated her house and didn’t want her anymore.

Having a pet is a big responsibility, however, many people don’t seem to understand that… Animals shouldn’t be treated as mere objects, like humans, they are able to feel pain and suffering. As human beings, it’s our duty to do our best to keep our doggies happy and never abandon them.

Unfortunately, many people continue to treat animals precariously and something has to be done to stop this terrible trend! A volunteer took this dog, named Lexus, and posted the following message on Facebook. All who have seen it have broken heart:

Lexus was taken to the shelter after living for 10 years in the same house. Unfortunately, her owner recently renovated his house and doesn’t want the dog anymore. The dog is very grateful and sweet and wants to find a new home to spend Christmas.”

We don’t know how anyone can do this with an animal… After all, we know that there are many people with good intentions and, of course, Lexus will find a loving home soon.

Let’s hope she has a second chance in life and can be loved again…

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Source: La Nube de algodón


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