Family buys cart for dog that can no longer walk

Our furry friends are very loyal, loving and intelligent beings. Unfortunately, all wonderful things come to an end and dogs don’t live forever. So the least we can do is provide them with a life full of love and care.

Unfortunately, we have heard many stories about dogs being abandoned in shelters during their last years of life. In exceptional cases, these pups may find new families, but no one can remove their trauma.

On the other hand, there are also cases of dogs that are very well treated, and the story that we’ll meet today is one such case. We’re talking about a teacher with five Golden Retrivers. Three of the puppies are quite old and have been rescued from situations similar to those described above.

Maggie is almost eleven and can barely walk. The saddest thing is that the dog always loved hanging out with her humans. So the family had to find a solution…

The solution

The family decided to buy a cart so the dog could still go out with them, without having to walk. A very generous gesture that has already touched hearts all over the world! Check out the dog in action in the video below:

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Source: Incroyable


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